WALLPANEL® was designed to overcome the  design shortcomings of other systems, and requires no special engineering or adaptation. The 18 gage studs are 16” OC, and staggered to support trusses at 24” OC, this eliminates the need for top plates to distribute the roof loads, since studs are at the standard 16” OC , sheet rock is attached in the same simple method as conventional construction. 

The studs are braced every 4' of height for outstanding load support. 

No exterior OSB sheeting is required, moisture barrier paper and lath can be attached directly to the panels, and stucco finished.

Because the studs are fixed longitudinally there is no transfer of heat and the insulation, is uninterrupted therefore more complete, the two pounds density Polystyrene foam, is more dense than other systems which use a one pound density, while they need  7” of unconventional thickness to achieve R-30, WALLPANEL®  can do R-30 with standard  6” thickness, and increase the R value up to R-60 on the same 6" thickness by coating the finished walls with our MulticeramicTM insulating coating.

We call this system SUPERTHERMAL©, The coating system will last a minimum of 25 years and  provide 20 minutes fire proofing while blocking sound by an additional   68%


The significant Difference :


WALLPANEL™ System, eliminates compliance concerns.

Walls are very fast and easily erected with minimum personnel.

The panels are of the standard 4" ,  6" , 12"  thickness.

The studs are at the standard 16" on center spacing.

The design makes it possible to meet the 16" on center studs and simultaneously deliver,

Trusses support at 24" on center in the same panel without top plates for load distribution.

Pre-cut electrical carriers.

Pre-molded central vacuum lines cavities that are self aligned from panel to panel.

Pre-Molded high velocity heating air condition lines.

No Chlorofluorocarbons, 

Consistent high R 30 - 40 - 60 values without decay.

Meets or exceeds the requirement of all major building codes.


  • The fastest build up
  • Uncomplicated efficiency and highest insulation per inch of thickness
  • No special engineered panels are ever needed
  • Roof systems for simplicity and incredible sound and insulation comfort
  • Attic less residential are incredibly easy to install
  • WALLPANEL is the most economical system available





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